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Heijoshin Ju-Jitsu

Welcome to Heijoshin Ju-Jitsu.

This web site is designed to tell you what Ju-Jitsu is, who we are, our aims and what services we can provide for you.

My name is Michael Hughes and I am a 3rd Dan in Ju-Jitsu.

Heijoshin Ju-Jitsu became a full time club / business in March 2006. It evolved from previous clubs and out of 19 years training and teaching Ju-Jitsu to its present form. I teach in a wide range of Schools, Organisations and Businesses, catering from 4 years to Adults. I offer both club opportunities and courses ranging from single sessions to extended periods. I am a qualified Coach and I hold a full liability and indemnity insurance, CRB clearance, child protection and risk assessment policies and an HSE First Aid qualification.

I offer a comprehensive, inclusive and bespoke service.

A Club For You

We provide Ju-Jitsu for Children aged 4 years to 15 years and for Adults 16 – 65 years.

Sessions are divided according to age or year groups:

4 9          Years old
10 – 15      Years old
16 – 65      Years old

All classes are mixed sex and ability. Age appropriate syllabus is taught with specialised training also being available in Kata, Weapons (Kobudo) and sparring applications.

Whether training once a week or more regularly, benefits of Martial Arts training are many. Increased discipline, respect, manners and camaraderie, improved stamina, health and fitness.